Coronavirus and 5G (English version)

A latex COVID-19 patient receives some much needed oxygen from a ventilator, which are apparently in very short supply

It should be clear to everyone following the statistics and not buying into the media hysteria that coronavirus is a hoax. There is no evidence of any invisible new killer virus: only a variant of the seasonal flu that preys on the sick and elderly each and every year. Indeed, compared to 2016/2017, this strain of flu is comparatively quite mild, a stance reflected in the UK government’s own reclassification of the virus as “low consequence”, several days before announcing a nationwide curfew still in effect today and enforced by Orwellian drones in some areas.

Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that the global lockdown is nothing to do with public health, but rather for political/economical objectives, perhaps any or all of the following:

There are dozens of independent reports worldwide of empty hospitals and instances of hospitals incorrectly reporting all deaths with COVID-19 as deaths due to COVID-19. Put simply, patients in many countries dying of heart failure, cancer or other pre-existing conditions are being reported as coronavirus victims as a matter of policy, in order to skew the numbers and justify the lockdown measure.

For further information on COVID-19, I recommend following the daily updates published by Swiss Propaganda Research (English) (German).

While there is no doubt that both the COVID-19 scam and 5G are part of Agenda 21 (the rehearsal for the current fake pandemic in November 2019 was even called Event 201 and in gematria, 201 = 21), misinformation regarding the link between coronavirus and 5G has been rife.

Coronavirus toys, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the “real” virus, were handed out to attendees of Event 201 in November 2019

Search for “coronavirus and 5g” on Google and millions of results are returned, the majority of which are pushing the narrative that anti-5G protesters are claiming that 5G technology spreads the coronavirus.

Of course, it is impossible for a telecommunications tower to spread a virus. Articles such as this are obvious “discredit by association” smear jobs and should be treated with the appropriate disdain by anyone with the ability to think critically. Currently, all we know is that both 5G and COVID-19 cause the same broad symptoms – e.g. flu-like symptoms, to lesser or greater severity, with the sick and the elderly being at a far greater risk of mortality.

It is possible however that the current focus on COVID-19 (essentially regular influenza – that doesn’t even make the news under normal circumstances – with a scary name) is a cover for them ramping up the rollout of 5G networks. With numerous independent reports of empty schools being “upgraded” with 5G, perhaps COVID-19 will be a useful scapegoat for the debilitating, well-documented symptoms the millimeter-wave radiation causes. Only time will tell.

Two things are certain: (1) the global lockdown is completely unwarranted from a public health perspective (and likely even detrimental to health due to the impact on public services) and (2) there is a concerted information war in progress to stop the public being properly informed about this. Platforms such as YouTube are working hard to remove any content which does not support the official government narrative and promoting only mainstream news reports (even the ones that use obvious dummies instead of real COVID-19 patients). There have been repeated attempts to shut down noted critics of the COVID-19 panic such as Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.

In this constantly changing situation, as always, be vigilant, do your own research and don’t believe the lies pushed by the world governments and mainstream media.

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